EP 2005

by Darkness Rites

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Michael McFadden, Justin Denny, Alex Horsburgh, Corey Martin, Markian Pergat


released January 1, 2005



all rights reserved


Darkness Rites Ottawa, Ontario

Melodic death metal from the Ottawa region. Currently working on their third full length release slotted for a late 2014 release.

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Track Name: Avenge the Fallen
How could you betray us
We were loyal to the cause
You never stayed honest with yourself
How can you reason
Don’t even try
You sold out
Now pay the price
This music is my vengeance
Lets see how you fare
Let your hate free
And let there be revenge
Avenge the fallen
For what entails
Avenge the fallen
And tell yourself
You are still alive.
Track Name: Hail Your Lord
Tied to a lie like noose around your neck
Not old enough to know or realize your own sins
So where are your Gods now
Can you actually put your faith,
Into something so wrong

I’d take a blade to them if I could
Let the blood of the innocent
Spill onto this holy ground
Sure we have values
But how can you prove yours are just

Blood of thine
Stain my soul
If you’re so right
Enjoy your heaven
I’ll enjoy my hell
When the time comes
Hail your lord and make your offerings.
Track Name: Blood Is On My Hands
This darkness awaits for what can be seen
Through dreaming not seeing something is awoken
Its hate pierces my eyes worse than a wound
Its flesh it crawls with death and wreaks of havoc

She is dead they yelled
Blood is on my hands
Splashed across this room
That never seemed so empty

With integrity I strive
For what once was holy
Abandoned by his disregard
The love is now forgotten

Let death fell its lovely hands
Around my life’s force
This is where my story begins
Into the depth of the abyss
A hellish plateau for the dead

Let your mercy rain down on me
Forget that you despise me
This epic bloodbath has lasted too long
Close your eyes now to our pain
This society wont care is all hope is lost
Track Name: This Sensation
Conscription of the senses
We are mocked by our fake beliefs
How can we be judged with accusations?
Should I bow down and let him take his reign
When all signs point to the ignorance of our people

I think we should believe what we want
Forced values and thoughts
Beheading of our lives
Slowing I stop and take a breath

Just tell me
What it is
Forced on us
My knife cuts deep through your soul
The bloody sensation is what we’ve all been waiting on
So bleed for us now while we enjoy sweet revenge
Mock us once your forgiven
Twice you defy, and the third time you’ll find death
Track Name: Outro
With these words I create the perfect tragedy of death. This is our final closure so sing the psalm of penitence. Close your eyes now and let it progress