Darkness Rites

by Darkness Rites

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Recorded with Dean Hadjichristou at Addictive Studios (Ottawa, ON)


released January 1, 2006

Michael McFadden, Greg Wood, Justin Denny, Alex Horsburgh, Jamie Holmes



all rights reserved


Darkness Rites Ottawa, Ontario

Melodic death metal from the Ottawa region. Currently working on their third full length release slotted for a late 2014 release.

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Track Name: Call to Arms
This is a call to arms
Track Name: Death Plague
So cut these ties and bury the hatchet
your only wasting your breath
when its all said and done
there will be only one left
bring your weapon of choice
I choose destniy
your soul is covered in black filth
your eyes scream of your sins
wipe your grimy hands clean
and pull the fucking trigger
just wait until your time comes
you will be in his clutch, at his mercy
you’ve wasted so much time staying
ahead of the pack
its ironic how your six feet under
and I am left will all of the glory
your worthless a death plague
you got what you deserved
you’re a vile cancer
I will see to your death
Track Name: A White Flowing Disaster
Its always the same struggle
an albatross hung around your neck
one step away from destruction
devoured by time, destroyed and corrupt
a white flowing disaster
impure, and immoral
I wouldn’t change a thing
I’ll let you struggle through this one alone

these wraiths of darkness
swarm me, envelope me
no words could be uttered
not a single breath
who’s here to help me now
I look to the light and find myself

always clawing at my back
who could deny these temptations forever
if there’s no sign from above
how can we deny the darkness
I’ll turn my back on him
let the mercy rain down upon my soul
this castle I’ve built to keep him out
will be pulverized, there’s no turning back

I see the treachery
all hope is gone
desolate and empty
searing the flesh
a branded sensation
put on display

these wraiths of darkness
swarm me, envelope me
no words could be uttered
not a single breath
who’s here to help me now
I look to the light and find myself alone
Track Name: Act of Betrayal
What we deserve is never what we get
cutthroat world
and not enough willing to rest
its like there’s no fucking
escape from this place

take this
we are the fucking future
take it all
we are the ones who are dying
free me from this
I will not be a victim of your tyranny

look into my eyes and tell me if you think
I would just lay it all down
and become one of them
fuck our forefathers they never
practiced what they preached

disregard all your self taught virtues
from these roots we will remain true
we will not compromise what we believe
we will remain strong and never give up
this act of betrayal is what we saw
Track Name: Avenge the Fallen
How could you betray us
We were loyal to the cause
You never stayed honest with yourself
How can you reason
Don’t even try
You sold out
Now pay the price
This music is my vengeance
Lets see how you fare
Let your hate free
And let there be revenge
Avenge the fallen
For what entails
Avenge the fallen
And tell yourself
You are still alive.
Track Name: These Rotting Intentions
Bless these wounds with another shot In the face
celebrate this pending death
with another cold blooded fantasy

these rotting intentions and steaming desires
surface again to be questioned
but don’t conjure up your conclusions yet

in a small town like this
some things are better kept silent
I stare into your eyes
and see the dark cruelty
for which you’ve been known

through the years of pain
I have learned to put it aside
and find the truth
look at these lacerations

the pauses between your breaths
are spaced out and cold
no more convulsions please
just let me do the talking

maybe we can walk away from this one
or maybe it will end with black envelopes
filled with unremorseful words
Track Name: Blood Is On My Hands
This darkness awaits for what can be seen
Through dreaming not seeing something is awoken
Its hate pierces my eyes worse than a wound
Its flesh it crawls with death and wreaks of havoc

She is dead they yelled
Blood is on my hands
Splashed across this room
That never seemed so empty

With integrity I strive
For what once was holy
Abandoned by his disregard
The love is now forgotten

Let death fell its lovely hands
Around my life’s force
This is where my story begins
Into the depth of the abyss
A hellish plateau for the dead

Let your mercy rain down on me
Forget that you despise me
This epic bloodbath has lasted too long
Close your eyes now to our pain
This society wont care is all hope is lost
Track Name: Oh, Vile Serpent
We breathe this air and try to forget the pain
one cut is all it ever takes
one moment of agony brought to life

this ever breathing demon
always in our thoughts, torturing us
they breathe chaos and death upon the innocent
your venomous presence overwhelms me

I would rip your cold hear out
and feast on its blood and flesh
you always place your vile blows
in the worst places, you snake
choking on your own conscience
take your pride and everything you’ve worked for
so the entire world you’ve poisoned
can see it and heed its warning

He will be scattered among the earth
and ashes will turn to fire again
death and retribution for those who oppose
you fool take what you can and escape

He will get you one day, but for now
you’ve eluded him long enough
bring fire, bring pain
who wants to live this way?
Oh vile serpent, death and retribution