The Accuser

by Darkness Rites

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Recorded with Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy, Garage Studios, Montreal)


released October 1, 2009

Greg Wood, Michael McFadden, Evan Massey, Cory Wilson, Stevie Morotti



all rights reserved


Darkness Rites Ottawa, Ontario

Melodic death metal from the Ottawa region. Currently working on their third full length release slotted for a late 2014 release.

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Track Name: Desecrated
When I’m dead lay me in my fucking casket
But not the normal way, just the sick way
I want one hand on my heart, the other around my throat
Laying on my back as I gaze into the sky
Bury me six feet under
I want the wood to rot and the stench to build
I want the maggots to eat my eyes and feast on my flesh
Into a swarm of flies, I will be consumed by the world
The world that I have so innocently desecrated
Track Name: The Accuser
You were the perfection of beauty
Adorned with every precious stone and set in gold
Given to you on the wake of your vile and corrupt creation
Ordained and proclaimed the guardian of the kingdom
You were free to walk the stones of fire upon the mount
Let’s go
Blameless in everything you did
Since the moment of creation
To the day he discovered your evil
Corrupted wisdom for your splendor
Not hidden but in plain view for all to see
Those who knew you, were sickened by your fate
The end of time, the end of everything, you are nothing
Thrown to the earth and exposed to the judging eyes of kings
The fire taken from within you, consumed so rapidly
Track Name: World of Filth
You’ve come this far, no turning back now
Chased by a doomed fantasy with no escape
A cadaver void of guilt, empty and cold
Shame is a cruel guide to desolation

Freefall, eyes burned by winter’s sting
Headfirst, a deadpan glaze staring back
Fill my lungs and silence my cowardice
Better dead than suffering this world of filth
This is all your fault
Where is your God now
Who is going to save me
Where is your God now
Who is going to save you
Track Name: Set the Torches
Set the torches and advance with fire
Claustrophobic hate in this festering hole
Addiction feasting on the masses
A nauseating proposal of truth
Control and Authority
Sedation and Obedience
A death of progress, the new generation is here
When free thinking has become dangerous
A flight from this dystopian prospect
I lust to watch it all burn
No escape, a mutilation of the sense
Lacerations that scream for your recognition
Swallowing your depraved guilt deep within
I’ll stay for a while, just to watch this city burn
Fucking burn
Track Name: Mounds of Sickness
Clawing from the ground up struggling to reach
Trample the weak let them slither beneath
We all know this golden dream, the fucking pinnacle
Paint me in success, cloak what I really am
Let the grime collect beneath my nails
The greed dripping from you like a whore
Let this past reflect my downfalls
A sickening path leading to my lust
I’ll grow old, sit on this mound of sickness
Clutching my spoils, staining the innocent
Who cares about fate, I’ve made my own
I’ll pay for it tenfold when I collapse
Cut me deep when I’m gone, breathe me in
I bet you’ll see my cold grey heart
Lifeless now, but once so vile and sick
A cut for each step taken in this rotten world
Track Name: Epitaph
In memory of Private Blake Williamson
Track Name: Feast and Gorge
An odius secret unearthed in my wake, an eerie past brought to life
Hiding in the shadow of your gloom, all will be unmasked
A putrid act, a disgusting form of self satisfaction you crave
Retribution will come in time, and it will feast and gorge
A flight from hell itself you cannot escape the demons in the mist
Discovery, your screams heard by all, only the cry of a coward
An act of penance the flesh bubbled to a crisp layer
Standing by this darkest hour, nauseating serenity

I pray to be consumed by hate
A death engraved on my soul
The pure soul for the nefarious
Track Name: Asphyxiation
Questions unanswered, forever drowning in a sea of bold lies
Blinded, maimed, the permanent sickness of force-fed realities
Monitored, measured, an experiment of terror bled out in full
No waking, no conscience, a world of monotonous cells
Sleep children of man, dormant blinded by the truth
Control is priority
Sleep children of man
Asphyxiation occurs, a shutdown of the whole
Track Name: Winds of Shit (W.O.S)
Up to your knees in this place they call a home
The stench burns your eyes as you gasp for air
Thoughts race through your mind as you take it all in
This disgusting glimpse of life raped beyond repair

The sweet smell of decapitation renews your fears
What foul human being could collapse to such filth
Grabbing, choking, molesting those around you, winds of shit
Anything to make this haunted dream more than real, winds of shit
Bind your flesh and make sure its fucking tight
Let the blood pump and swell your ripe veins
I catch the look on your face its sickening
And the sigh of relief comes seconds in tow
Track Name: Systemic Human Massacre
Fear will not change the world today
She is a rotting carcass full of regret
Strung around your throat so slow it sets
Suffocation becomes the new trend
The fear in their eyes excites you
A cold sweat pulses throughout
Hindered by a lingering terror
Slowly scraping away the flesh
Fear consumes you, a welcomed fate
A vomit inducing spectacle to enjoy
The scene is familiar, the pathetic evidence of human fragility
Remove the eyelids, cut reality into this corpse
Let the blood soak this dying world’s thirst
Witness this act, a systemic human massacre
It seems that nothing will wake us out of our apathy
As far as I can tell there is little left
Nothing is sacred nothing is pure
I search for remorse but I find nothing
Complete separation from this fucking world